Steps to Success – A Guide to Maximising Business Sale Value

08 Mar Steps to Success – A Guide to Maximising Business Sale Value

In order to maximise outcomes we need to rate highly in the following elements.

Dissatisfaction (translates to Passion):

We need to be motivated enough to want to move or change.  We need to have a high level of dissatisfaction with the status quo and/or a high level of desire for a different outcome.  Without this people ‘play the game’ of change without ever really getting around to it.

How badly do you want drive your business and maximise success?


Our ‘Dissatisfaction’ for where we sit now pushes us toward change but does not provide a direction. People with high levels of dissatisfaction with the status quo know that they want to move forward but don’t know exactly how. The ‘Vision’ pulls the business towards change by providing a direction.  The Vision is the ‘What’ factor of the formula. Organisations often fail in the visioning process by developing waffly and often difficult to interpret statements.   Instead it needs be a practical and tangible outline of where we are heading.  If done properly, it will represent something that people really would like to be a part of and want to make happen.


This is the ‘How’ factor of the formula. A high level project plan with the major activities, deliverables, and benefits will also increase motivation. People often underestimate what it will take to bring the organisation from its current state to the desired future state.

The other mistake business owners often make lies in the plan layout.  Large corporates commonly run their businesses using one page plans.  If they can do it so can we. I spend a lot of time helping clients both large and small develop such plans and then monitor them to ensure timely implementation occurs.

What is your success potential? Give it try.

D x     V x P       = Outcome%

(___    x    ___ x    ___)/10   =    _____%


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