Small Business Month – Ross’s Tip 4

25 Oct Small Business Month – Ross’s Tip 4

Our last tip looked at creating a simple Plan on a Page for your business. Planning often doesn’t materialise into outcomes for a range of reasons including:-

– The inability to find the time to act strategically

– A lack of accountability

– A lack of capability

– Tenacity

There are many others however I find these the most common.

The first three can be easily offset by surrounding yourself with trusted advisors/coaches. The last can be a little more tricky. 

Tenacity comes from optimising in 3 key areas:-

Dissatisfaction – Unless you are very dissatisfied with your current situation the chance of becoming highly motivated to improve can lack consistency. 
Vision – Unless you have clarity on how a situation will look once you succeed, any motivation you do produce will be diffused.
Plan – The area we have mostly focused on during this series is planning. A plan gives a tangible representation of the movement required. It provides a focal point for review and adjustment.

Therefore the improvement formula can be viewed as:-

D x V x P = Improvement potential


Give it a try! Give yourself (or your organisation) a rating out of 10 in each area. 10 means there is a high level of clarity and focus in that area.



How can you improve in lower scoring areas?


This is my last article about improving your business for Small Business Month. If you have any questions or want further help – don’t hesitate to contact me at or 02 4926 2699!


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