Small Business Month – Ross’s Tip #2

10 Oct Small Business Month – Ross’s Tip #2

My last blog asked you to think about big picture ideas on how you intend growing your profits and mitigating risk.

You looked at every aspect of your business; Financial (what makes shareholders satisfied), Marketing (what delights clients), Operations (effective processes) and People (skilled and motivated workforce).

The next step lies in prioritisation.

Which of the ideas you have brain stormed will have the most immediate impact in driving up growth and/or mitigating risk?

Give each a mark out of 10 (10 meaning high impact).

Which are easiest to implement (from a cost, time or capability perspective). Give each a mark out of 10 (10 being the easiest).


Which ideas scored highest in each category?

Once you are satisfied you have identified the top strategies in each category, you are ready to put your Implementation Plan together!

Stay tuned for next week.






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