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There is a saying in small business “you don’t know what small business is really like until you have paid the wages on the credit card”.

This is probably a bit extreme

This is probably a bit extreme for many, but the feeling is right. Small business and family business can be a very challenging and stressful way to earn a living. It should be fun but often we forget the fun and are lying awake at night worrying about a thousand big and little things.


We know how this feels because we have lived in the small business world. We know what it is like to work with family. We know what it is like to build something from scratch. We know what it is like to be the boss and find you are the one staying back and starting earlier than everyone else.


It is important to realise that simply wishing to improve your business or tidy up a process will not get it done. But most people in small and family businesses are ‘too busy’ to devote the time to their business improvement ‘wish list’.


We help you identify, build and implement changes to your business that will create the business you want.


Some changes are easy and others, especially in small and ‘family’ businesses, are really difficult. Because unlike a corporate we are working with people we care about. We are operating ‘at the coal face’. Knowing how to create change that actually sticks is critical to the success of any improvement program.

Financial control, certainty and succession

  1. Get good, relevant, simple and useful accounting and financial information
  2. Clear profit goals and method for achieving them
  3. How to start making money – moving beyond breakeven
  4. How to get the next in line ready to run your business – i.e clear succession planning
  5. How to get your business ready for sale in a way that will maximise profits

Operations and processes efficiency

  1. Effective job and product costing
  2. Reducing owner workload
  3. Controlling operations while still having the time to implement the business plan

Business Growth

  1. Predictable and targeted marketing and sales processes
  2. Internet marketing
  3. Sales and customer service improvement
  4. Business development planning

People management, growth and motivation

  1. Proper delegation
  2. Employee accountability
  3. Effective employee management processes
  4. Innovation and improving customer/client service
  5. Management and leadership succession
  6. Human resource management

How do we do this?

We apply simple and robust business tools that you can quickly learn to use yourself. We combine this with our knowledge, perspective and experience to help you solve problems and make key improvements to your business.

This can be whole-of-business through clear simple plans, strategy development and implementation.

This can be for specific projects such as:-

  1. Productivity Improvement Projects (efficiency improvement/waste reduction)
  2. People Development and Review Systems
  3. Sales and Marketing plans, implementation and training
  4. Coaching of specific people or small teams


We have the experience and the success stories to guarantee significant improvements in your business. View our clients.

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