Business Consulting in Newcastle

Our Newcastle business consultants help organisations achieve better growth, profits and sustainability.

We do this by helping develop:

  • better financial review, planning and reporting systems
  • sustainable marketing processes that deliver more
  • workflow efficiency improvements
  • stable, motivated and productive team members

We have many years of training and experience that allows us to customise the solutions for your organisation.

Business Consulting – How we do it

  1. We help develop the plan
  2. We coordinate the team(s) to ensure timely implementation
  3. We help problem solve around the barriers as they emerge
  4. We train, one on one, key team members so they are equipped to innovate and implement long term

The first step is to arrange an obligation free, onsite discussion about the business, its issues and opportunities. From there an informed cost/benefit decision about embarking on such a program can be made.

Deliberate and Considered Business Improvement

Business success comes through properly aligning and improving in each key area of the organisation.

The diagram below illustrates how each area correlates to the other. Only through understanding this interdependence can sustainable improvement occur quickly.

We all know that for a financial goal to be realised the ‘right’ customers need to buy the product or service. However many factors come into play to achieve this.

Analysing pricing structure, the product/service range, the channels of distribution as well as the methods for communicating with the chosen target markets form some of the key areas we help organisations realise their potential.

Deliberate business improvement can only occur in an environment of continuous improvement.

The Processes section is where we help organisations refine the way they do things. This can include focussing on such factors as timeliness, quality, clarity of message, cost reductions as well as other efficiency improvements.

Most of us in business realise that processes and systems are only as good as the quality of implementation.

Business Consulting Scorecard

For many businesses this means focusing on developing individual expertise, developing succession plans, refining leadership skills and managing people performance. The People section also focuses on refining methods for attracting and retaining top talent ahead of our competitors. We have proven methods for achieving outcomes in these areas.

A deliberate and considered approach in each of these key areas combined with a clearly articulated operational vision and values set, quickly develops the culture of ‘can do, will do’ that is so important for a modern business. And all this can be achieved without undue disruption to the day to day operations of the business!

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