Non For Profit


Today’s changing demographics, political and economic pressures are placing severe demands upon social service organizations, cultural institutions and business trade associations alike.


While most not-for-profit organizations usually devote significant time and energy to annual planning and budgeting, too few commit the time to true strategic planning—to evaluating their mission, creating and empowering a vision of how the mission will be accomplished over the next number of years and then, most importantly, to implementing the vision.


Forsythes’ business consultants work closely with such organizations to help facilitate this very important process. Understanding that momentum is critical, they work with their clients’ management teams and boards as part of a process that invites broad participation and open-minded thinking to facilitate the development of actionable plans, assigned responsibilities and the will to get things done.


The clear goal is to help client organisations bridge the “strategy gap” to take them from where they are to where they could be.


Our planning process produces a simple yet comprehensive document that is easy to understand and implement.


Not-For-Profits invariably operate under incredible pressure as they continually strive to cope with multiple demands and to deliver to numerous deadlines.


Business coaching is therefore particularly relevant to Not For Profit’s.


Our one on one development programs can assist managers and frontline staff gain clarity and balance in their approach while growing their skills in issue management, marketing and continuous improvement techniques.


This process is also an important tool in assisting in the implementation of the strategic plan. Under the direct supervision of the CEO our business consultants partner with the key ‘implementers’ to ensure each strategy is realised in an efficient and timely manner.


We also have extensive experience in delivering a broader facilitation and presentations service at Board retreats, staff and industry conferences.


Some of the topics we can help with include:-


Governance – Board roles and responsibilities


Not For Profit Marketing & Branding


  1. Client acquisition and management
  2. Business development plans
  3. Profile maintenance at Government level
  4. Relationship development and management
  5. Sponsorship and fund raising plans


Communication skill development


Personal Development


  1. Time management
  2. Dealing with difficult personalities
  3. Negotiation skill
  4. Presenting skills
  5. Confidence and focus
  6. Handling pressure

Talent and Career Development

In today’s challenging business climate, the ongoing identification and motivation of talented people is as critical as ever. Ensuring that people feel their organisation is still genuinely interested and supportive of their careers is essential to achieve sustained focus and high performance.


Our Professional Development Review Program ensures our people are ‘connected’ and that productivity is maximised.


Where needed this program changes a ‘have to’ culture to one of ‘can do, will do’.


Contact one of our business consultants if you wish to discuss the options available to your organisation.

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