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Management is the engine behind every business. Better management will deliver improved business performance.

Strategic Planning

One of our core activities is to assist businesses to design their future by facilitating the compilation of a strategic plan. This is a powerful management planning activity.


Input from the shareholders, Directors and key management personnel is sought from involvement in a special workshop program that is designed to clarify stakeholder goals.

Implementation Program

To assist you in the implementation of your strategic plan our business consultant will come in to your place of work on a routine basis to coach and train the ‘implementers’. Most organisations recognise that the greatest threat to progress is the concentration of time on operation and production issues at the expense of the strategy. We will develop, monitor and update the project time schedule which will include all strategic initiatives.


Our business consultants will coach and train each strategy ‘champion’ where required ensuring timely and fuss free implementation.

Ready for Sale

It is an important consideration to commence to structure your business ready for sale or hand over at a time of your choosing.


This will involve succession planning, structuring the management of the business, implementing the business plan and ensuring reporting systems are accurate and efficient.


If you are concerned about creating and maintaining business value in the face of change we can help.

Waste Audit

You can easily increase your bottom line profit by 10% just by identifying areas of waste in your business.


A waste audit discovers the profit making and cost saving opportunities in your business. When most business people start thinking about the way they can reduce costs in their business they often consider the cost of rent, wages and equipment. What people don’t realize is the hidden waste in other areas.


At Partnercorp we will help you by facilitating a simple, clear and effective business review guaranteed to help you identify profit improvement opportunities.


How does a waste audit work?


The waste audit program is based on a process that Toyota pioneered and applied across their business in the 80’s to amazing effect. It is a tried and tested, simple methodology that has worked EVERY SINGLE TIME we have run the program


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