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19 Jun Improving Sales

Successful selling has always been about providing a solution to a problem rather than simply selling an object or service.  This basic fact often gets overlooked in the sales process especially when the client can’t clearly or easily articulate their need.  So it is incumbent on the sales person to reveal the need before they recommend a solution.  One proven technique for achieving exactly this outcome is known by the acronym of “SPIN”.

Extensive research by Neil Rackham, and his company Huthwaite, examined more than 35,000 sales calls relating to large, complicated scenarios.

One of the key findings of this large study was that in successful sales calls it’s the buyer who does most of the talking. And how do you get a buyer to talk, by asking questions.

So that long held belief that good salespeople are not necessarily good talkers was finally proven to be correct.

However, this extensive study revealed many more interesting facts about selling. Perhaps the most important being, good salespeople did not just ask any questions. It seemed they ask certain types of questions and often in a particular sequence.

These questions are defined into the following types:-

  • Situation
  • Problem
  • Implication
  • Need-payoff


The SPIN questioning technique is used to guide potential clients or customers through a logical sales process in order to convert the sale.

If you would like to know more about how SPIN can work for you and your team give me a call I’d love to spend some time reviewing your particular circumstance and provide you some strategies for improving your sales.

For the interim, think about how your product or services can specifically assist your target markets.  Use the table below to assist in this process:

SPIN Selling Features


We have specialist advisors to help you get this right.  Give Business improvement partner Ross Holding a call today and discuss your needs.

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