How Do I Manage Organisational Change?

17 Oct How Do I Manage Organisational Change?

The most critical element in effective change lies in the level of commitment by both management and staff to change.

This might seem obvious yet organisations often spend little if any time providing clarity on the type of change required, the reason for the change and the role of each individual in the process.

Often change is thrust upon people by external forces.  Sometimes the vision of the company changes yet that message doesn’t reach those who are actually implementing strategy to effect such change.

If you want to expand, innovate or even consolidate your business you will need to gain the hearts and minds of your people if you really want to succeed.

Al Dunlap is renowned as the slash and burn king for corporates in trouble.  He has worked with corporates who have become bogged down in the change process.  What has made his approach so successful?

Dunlap says that the only way to effect change quickly is to identify those who are keen to assist and then give them clear parameters within which they should work.  This empowers the worker to use initiative and get on with it.

But what is ‘it’?

The key here is to ensure each agent of change has a clear understanding of the outcome.  They need to be aware of the current situation.  They then need to contribute too and fully understand the changes to be achieved.

Implementing strategy and engendering enthusiasm becomes easier with these two processes in place as the people can evaluate the progress against set benchmarks.  The Now and Where are like two pegs in the ground against which progress can be measured.

Do your people fully understand the Now and Where of the business?

The gap between Now and Where can be a great motivator.  This is because it can create dissatisfaction in people.  If we’re not happy with our current situation we will want to change it.  It may sound counter intuitive however the higher the levels of dissatisfaction with our current position the greater the opportunity for change.

Dissatisfaction with the current can be created and maintained using processes like benchmarking, performance appraisal and by including staff in the planning and review processes of the business.

Of course, no amount of energy expended to change is helpful unless it is focused on moving in the right direction hence the role of the Where process.  This places a whole new perspective on planning elements like vision and purpose statements.

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