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19 Jun Key Issues In Running Your Business

Getting bogged down working "in" your business instead of "on" it is a classic mistake. Business owners must remain focused on key issues that ultimately determine success or failure.  So what must you be focused on?  There are 3 key areas that need your routine...

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05 Aug Systems

The first law of expansion is ‘order’.  For something to grow it needs a system.  Look at a flower, cut an orange, check out the symmetry of a tree or a beehive.  There is discipline.  Nature keeps what is essential and gets rid of the...

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Customer Needs

05 Aug Customer Needs

This month’s Heads Up is about customer service.  Much is said about this topic but really there are only a certain number of needs universal to all customers. Get your people to list the ways they deliver in these areas and ideas for improvement . From...

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