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20 Apr Be it Football or Business – Winning is the Art of Simple

I guess it’s in some advisors commercial interest to make the simple seem complex. But having spent decades in business and working with corporate clients as an advisor I can honestly say that business, for the most part, should not seem complex. If it does, you...

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19 Jun Key Issues In Running Your Business

Getting bogged down working "in" your business instead of "on" it is a classic mistake. Business owners must remain focused on key issues that ultimately determine success or failure.  So what must you be focused on?  There are 3 key areas that need your routine...

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Making it meaningful to front liners

05 Aug Biggest Barrier to Strategy Implementation

A Harvard Business Review survey showed the biggest barrier to strategy implementation at present is; Making it meaningful to front liners.  Other key barriers include: - Leadership actions inconsistent with strategy - Inability to measure impact - Units with competing agendas - Not enough resources - Too much uncertainty How do you increase...

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